The Mancca brand began to take shape in 2015. Its roots extend to painting, abstracts and art intertwined with design.

The pursuit of design and fashion was unstoppable, so the idea of jewelry design was born from the paintings. Practically in the moment. Laser cutouts for images are provided a thousand ideas for crazy jewelry designs.

The Mancca brand is mainly based on clean lines, geometric elements that are intertwined with a wide variety of materials that add softness to sharp lines. It is played with plexiglass, sand, leather, ribbons, sequins, chains, sprays ... It is intended for urban, fashion and confident women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd with a bold, eye-catching piece. It creates not only fashion "accessories" but stand-alone fashion pieces that invigorate and stand out from the whole outfit. Certainly, jewelry design is just the beginning, there is so much more ...


Mancca Art & Design

Manca Končnik who creates under the mark Mancca combines a sense of aesthetics and design from a young age. An irresistible desire to create something new brought her from abstract waters to design. She says she enjoys immense fashion designing because she can experiment and combine incompatible. The largest inspirations are universe pieces nature. She loves multifuncionatal pieces . .Her personal style // style has long been recognized. The red thread is the line. However, he says that ways of designing are only tools for expressing oneself.

Satisfied users

"Customer Reviews"

"Ko sem videla nakit, sem ga preprosto morala imeti ne glede na ceno! Preprosto najlepši je 😉 😍"
"Ljubim vse kar je uniqe, ker sem to jaz. 😎 Odnos, embalaža in produkt, vse to je pri Mancca narejeno na najbolj unikaten in poseben način. Res je kvalitetno! Najlepša hvala za prečudovit paketek z lepo mislijo in svetovne uhančke. 💛 "
"Mancaa nakit te popelje v čarobni svet elegantnosti in popolnosti."
"Prekrasna zapestnica 💖 Naročilo hitro sprejeto, paketek prišel pred dogovorjenim dnevom."